Helsinki – an epoch-making meeting

Trump og Putin under møtet i Helsinki. Photo:

By Pål Steigan. (Interview in Penza News, Russia.)

Commenting on the results of the meeting and its significance for the relations between Moscow and Washington, Pal Steigan, Norwegian politician, publisher, writer, independent entrepreneur in the field of culture and information technology, highly appreciated the importance of bilateral negotiations.

“It was no less than an epoch-making meeting. After years of US-Russia bashing the US president finally met with the president of Russia on equal terms. Vladimir Putin commented the results by saying that ‘the cold war is over.’ If that is even close to the reality it is worth a peace price in itself,” the politician told PenzaNews.

In his opinion, the meeting led to certain concrete results.

“The two presidents seem to have come to terms on how to put an end to the horrific war on Syria that has lasted more than seven years. Putin has made it clear that he won’t budge on Crimea. And Trump and Putin have obviously made a road map for reestablishing economic and diplomatic co-operation,” Pal Steigan explained.

Meanwhile, he reminded that for almost five years the world was on the verge of a serious military crisis.

“World war has hung over the world at least since August 2013 when Barack Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, was hours before ordering a large scale attack on Syria. How that could have avoided igniting a US-Russia war is hard to say. After that there has been Ukraine provocations, so called gas attacks in Syria […], and of course Donald Trump’s war threat on North Korea last year. It has been dangerous brinkmanship for almost five years. And now the possibility of reducing tensions and dangers of war. The world should rejoice, but main stream media do the opposite,” Pal Steigan said.

In his opinion, it will be very difficult for Donald Trump to overcome all the internal obstacles on the way to improving relations with Moscow.

“If that depends on Trump and Putin we should see a very positive development with ending of the war in Syria, de-escalation, throwing away the idiotic sanctions regime etc. But the deep state in the US with close ties to the military-industrial complex hate it. They want war, they want tension, the want the subjugation of the world. They have been crying about “treason”, impeachment calling for a palace revolt in the US,” the politician reminded.

Meanwhile, according to him, the meeting of the two presidents is unlikely to radically change their images in the eyes of representatives of different sectors of society.

“Those who love Trump will love him even more. But those who hate him, and they abound in the media and in politics, they want to tear him apart. For Putin it is yet another win, a crowning of the World Cup, so to speak,” Pal Steigan explained.

“Meetings between Russian and US presidents used to be normal diplomacy. Roosevelt met with Stalin, Kennedy met with Khrushchev and Reagan – with Gorbachev. All of these meetings were historic, but they were accepted, even by main stream media. Their reaction today is unprecedented, foolish and dangerous,” he added.

This is number eight in a series of interviews featuring Pål Steigan and other experts on Penza News.
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