How I became a «self-hating» Jew


Carey Wedler: How I became a «self-hating» Jew

På sin Facebook-side skriver Carey Wedler om seg sjøl:

I used to be a Hollywood-bot programmed to enthusiastically worship the mind numbing matrix of indulgent consumer society and corrupt, violent government (of the liberal persuasion). Somewhere down that rocky government road, my wiring short-circuited. Wedler went rogue.

Growing up in Los Angeles, it’s easy to drown in values of materialism and celebrity. Like individuals all over the world, I drooled over stars in magazines and movies. But in LA, I passed the A-list on the streets. I waited on them at work with my head bowed to their authority and Louboutins.

Authority was always my perfect poison. I stopped fully at every stop sign and never ditched class. i recited the pledge of allegiance and was scared of the terrorists lurking under my bed. I knew that if I stayed in line and voted for the right politicians, the poor would find salvation and world peace would overtake war. OH, and that if I bought just one more dress to go with that new blush… I could finally love myself. These were extraordinary but pervasive fantasies that intertwine in the context of mass society. They help to create an ignorant and apathetic population.

After suffering the painful realization that Barack Obama was not a savior but a snide corporate prostitute (and a cog in the machine) & after slaving away at a major Hollywood film studio, my subservience to the system snapped.

I now break down the techniques of manipulation and coercion that permeate society & culture, using my past naive adherence to the system to understand why it is so effective. In place of obedience to authority and a desire for superficial validation, I promote individuality, freedom, and love.

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