NATO: «We are the World»



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  1. Jeg har lenge spekulert på om enkelte bare er håpløst naive, eller utspekulert onde. Takk for oppklaringen,

  2. Lmao ?Ja man må vel ha litt morro innimellom all ryggsleikinga, konspirasjonene og krigsforbrytelsene!
    Syng med den stemmen du har!

  3. Stoltenberg er jo like stiv i bevegelsene som Pinocchio før han ble gutt. Det er nesten så man kan se (de metaforiske) trådene …

  4. Toast to the Revolution

    Are we not witnesses, our generation of 1848, to a corruption worse than that of the worst days of history, to a misery comparable to that of feudal times, an oppression of spirit and of conscience, and a degradation of all human faculties, which exceeds all that was seen in the epochs of most dreadful cruelty? Of what use are the conquests of the past, of religion and philosophy, and the constitutions and codes, when in virtue of the same rights that are guaranteed to us by those constitutions and codes, we find ourselves dispossessed of nature, excommunicated from the human species? What is politics, when we lack bread, when even the work which might give bread is taken from us? What to us is the freedom to go or to become, the liberty to think or not to think, the guarantees of the law, and the spectacles of the marvels of civilisation? What is the meagre education which is give to us, when by the withdrawal of all those objects on which we might practice human activity, we are ourselves plunged into an absolute void; when to the appeal of our senses, our hearts, and our reason, the universe and civilisation reply: Néant! Nothing!

    Citizens, I swear it by Christ and by our fathers! Justice has sounded its fourth hour, and misfortune to those who have not heard the call!

    — Revolution of 1848, what do you call yourself?

    I am the right to work!

    — What is your flag?


    — And your motto?

    Equality before fortune!

    — Where are you taking us?

    To Brotherhood!

    — Ⓐ Toast to you, Revolution! I will serve you as I have served God, as I have served Philosophy and Liberty, with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my intelligence and my courage, and will have no other sovereign and ruler than you!

    Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, 18. oktober 1848


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