Transtoget – et eksperiment på barn og unge

I Sverige krever myndighetene nå utredning av sitt eget «Helsedirektorat» fordi det bedrives eksperimentell behandling på barn som tror de er «født i feil kropp». Den samme behandlingen utføres her i Norge, men under såvidt mer kontrollerte forhold. Men nå ønsker Helsedirektoratet her hjemme å herme etter Sverige til tross for at Sverige nå begynner å rygge etter at sannheten om anger og bivirkninger sakte kommer frem i lyset. I Storbrittania har fem behandlere sagt opp i protest, fordi de mener at mesteparten av «behandlingen» er konversjonsterapi på homofile barn.

«Uppdrag granskning» har laget en rystende reportasje som rører ved toppen av isfjellet. For foreldre og alle som jobber med barn og unge er den for pensum å regne.

Veldig få av de som angrer våger ikke stå frem, av redsel for represialer fra transmiljøet. Tallene på de som angrer er derfor usikre.

Se reportasjen:

Trans: The Medical Scandal that the Mainstream Media Ignores

The cries from parents of «transed» children are being stifled by the main stream media. The mutilation and drugging of youths, children and toddlers is widespread and supported by powerful lobbies and the media.

Katherine Cave is a member of the Kelsey Coalition, a national group of parents whose transgender-identifying children have been harmed by physicians, therapists, and clinics throughout the US. Gender clinicians convinced her to support her daughter’s transition until she realized the dangers of identity-based medicine and gender identity ideology. Katherine Cave is a pseudonym to protect her daughter’s privacy:

«Over the past few years, media stories about “transgender” kids have become increasingly common, but critical questions are seldom asked. These children’s identities are portrayed as immutable, while the ideologically-driven medical practices solidifying them are not investigated. Why won’t they report the truth: that these children and their families are victims of ruthless medical practices with no basis in science?»

Cave knows what she is talking about: «Five years ago, when my 13-year old daughter told me she was transgender, I was shocked by her out-of-the-blue announcement. My reaction was not fueled by prejudice—indeed, I am liberally-minded in my political beliefs—but based on a lifetime of caring for her as an observant and sensitive mother. It simply made no sense.»

Her story and experiences are not unique, this is happening to thousands of families. The information and happenings described in her text might shock a reader who knows little or nothing about the wave of «transing» children and teens, but it is of great importance that the public becomes more aware of what’s going on, because this extreme ideology will affects everyone, as it is taken into law. Cave has met a wall of silence from the media, and there is little doubt that they have done their share in not only omitting the fact that the medical community is steered by ideology, not science.

«I sought professional guidance, as I was unsure how to respond to her. Yet therapists were not interested in exploring the possible reasons for her sudden identity. Instead, they told me that I must treat her as my son. I was advised to call her by a male name, refer to her by masculine pronouns, and purchase a binder (a restrictive garment that would flatten her breasts, but also cause tissue damage, and possibly other physical harms) to help her “pass” as a boy. The many therapists that I consulted did not consider any underlying issues, such as peer and media influences, or the fact that over 5% of the students at her school also considered themselves transgender.

I sought help from a gender clinic, ignorantly assuming that she would receive a thorough expert assessment. Instead, her identity as male was immediately affirmed. I was pressured to consent to puberty-blocking drugs, with assurances that they were safe and well-studied. My research later confirmed that t this was not true.»