Transgender Regret – A Dutch Documentary

Not all transgender stories are about success. This Dutch docu shows the dark side of transition. A side that’s not rare and needs to be talked about.

Very interesting and moving documentary featuring several people of different ages.

Trans: The Medical Scandal that the Mainstream Media Ignores

The cries from parents of «transed» children are being stifled by the main stream media. The mutilation and drugging of youths, children and toddlers is widespread and supported by powerful lobbies and the media.

Katherine Cave is a member of the Kelsey Coalition, a national group of parents whose transgender-identifying children have been harmed by physicians, therapists, and clinics throughout the US. Gender clinicians convinced her to support her daughter’s transition until she realized the dangers of identity-based medicine and gender identity ideology. Katherine Cave is a pseudonym to protect her daughter’s privacy:

«Over the past few years, media stories about “transgender” kids have become increasingly common, but critical questions are seldom asked. These children’s identities are portrayed as immutable, while the ideologically-driven medical practices solidifying them are not investigated. Why won’t they report the truth: that these children and their families are victims of ruthless medical practices with no basis in science?»

Cave knows what she is talking about: «Five years ago, when my 13-year old daughter told me she was transgender, I was shocked by her out-of-the-blue announcement. My reaction was not fueled by prejudice—indeed, I am liberally-minded in my political beliefs—but based on a lifetime of caring for her as an observant and sensitive mother. It simply made no sense.»

Her story and experiences are not unique, this is happening to thousands of families. The information and happenings described in her text might shock a reader who knows little or nothing about the wave of «transing» children and teens, but it is of great importance that the public becomes more aware of what’s going on, because this extreme ideology will affects everyone, as it is taken into law. Cave has met a wall of silence from the media, and there is little doubt that they have done their share in not only omitting the fact that the medical community is steered by ideology, not science.

«I sought professional guidance, as I was unsure how to respond to her. Yet therapists were not interested in exploring the possible reasons for her sudden identity. Instead, they told me that I must treat her as my son. I was advised to call her by a male name, refer to her by masculine pronouns, and purchase a binder (a restrictive garment that would flatten her breasts, but also cause tissue damage, and possibly other physical harms) to help her “pass” as a boy. The many therapists that I consulted did not consider any underlying issues, such as peer and media influences, or the fact that over 5% of the students at her school also considered themselves transgender.

I sought help from a gender clinic, ignorantly assuming that she would receive a thorough expert assessment. Instead, her identity as male was immediately affirmed. I was pressured to consent to puberty-blocking drugs, with assurances that they were safe and well-studied. My research later confirmed that t this was not true.»

USA: No Cards Left to Play but the Threat of Armageddon

Do you realize now what you’ve done?
Vladimir Putin demanded of the Americans, at the United Nations, in 2015. “It is hypocritical and irresponsible to make loud declarations about the threat of international terrorism while turning a blind eye to the channels of financing and supporting terrorists, including the process of trafficking and illicit trade in oil and arms. It would be equally irresponsible to try to manipulate extremist groups and place them at one’s service in order to achieve one’s own political goals in the hope of later dealing with them or, in other words, liquidating them.”

Washington’s jihadist strategy has rapidly unraveled ever since. The empire was unmasked in the world’s most public forum, revealing the utter depravity of U.S. policy and, more importantly, the weakness of Washington’s position in the region. The mighty fortress of global capital, the self-appointed defender of the world economic “order,” was revealed as, not just in collusion with head-chopping, women-enslaving, sectarian mass-murdering terrorists, but militarily dependent on the very forces it claims to wage a twilight, “generational” battle to destroy. The U.S. has been spouting The Mother of All Lies, and most of humanity knows it. Deep down, most Americans suspect as much, too. READ MORE

The erasure of the butch

I have been asked why I care about young lesbian girls, when I am not part of the «community». The answer is simple. They are my sisters. We share the same biology. As women, a class in society, not an «identity», we share the same history and historical struggles. Now my lesbian sisters are under a terrible threat, the trans ideology, that tells them: «If you are not feminin, like dresses and everything pink, and you fall in love with other girls, well, then you must be a man, and we will change your body to fit your behaviour and sexual orientation.

So, instead of just being who they are, in their perfectly healthy body, a terrible, irreversible «treatment» of hormones and mutilating surgery is pushed on them. We know the stories, the detransitioners are starting to emerge, despite threats and harassment from the LGBTQ+-ideologists. There are many more to come, there are many who regret, but the damage to the body and mind are devastating.

This text is so moving, and I hope it will be shared so that many young, struggling girls can read it and realize they do not need to change anything to be «who they really are»:

From Madam Nomad

When you see female youth transitioning, it’s overwhelmingly the tomboys. These girls would have grown up to be butch like me. I grabbed a coffee at the Trans Starbucks again this week. Sat for a while to watch 3 butches pretend they are men.

Every butch lesbian who is critical about this horrific trans. movement—that would push young lesbians into believing they are male and amputating their healthy breasts and taking cross-hormones—every butch knows what they are seeing. It’s like looking into a mirror and recalling all of the angst, hatred, parental and peer rejection all over again. Except with these young butches, it’s about harming their bodies and destroying their chances of experiencing sexual pleasure once the full mutilations are completed.

I see it at the Trans Starbucks. Saw those poor butch lesbians all up on T* again and their voices changed and off. It’s a horrific experience to sit in a room full of my sisters and know this. It’s like being one of the last butch survivors in the genocide. I can’t think of any other way to state the horror I feel at progressives actually thinking that the surgical violation of these young lesbians is somehow a brave and courageous thing.

They are telling these girls that they are not okay being who they are and wearing what they want to wear. These are girls like I once was. They sometimes have short hair, and that way of carrying themselves that is strong and independent. They don’t care about boys and they play with trucks and things other girls don’t really like. They dress as they want. They like collecting rocks and they don’t giggle around the boys like the other girls. Maybe they climb trees. And that’s all not okay. They are being shamed. They are being told they are male.

They call it ‘gender non-conforming.’ That’s a fancy word for butch lesbian. What is happening is that tomboys are pushed to transition and the trans. net captures all the future butches. This is not mere speculation. Physicians who work in gender clinics are saying that homosexuality is the first ‘step’ to transing. This is gruesome.

People who come onto my fb page sometimes try to explain this away and say to stop focusing on the tomboys and lesbian youth because other girls trans, too.

No. Let’s focus on the lesbians. This movement is about lesbian erasure, gay eugenics, the genocide of lesbians. We already know that over 80% of the youth who are transed would have desisted in their ‘gender dysphoria’ and eventually turned out to be adult lesbians and gays.

And now they are telling the tomboys that they are not girls. There is no such thing as a girl who doesn’t like pink, they say. And I can’t help seeing my own young, scared butch face long ago in the mirror, with all the ensuing harassment and rejection and judgment and hatred. Yet here the fuck I am, sitting in the Trans Starbucks, watching all my young butch sisters falling over themseslves to conform to some insane trans agenda. Falling all over themselves to become ersatz men.

Our lesbian spaces are already dead. Our bookstores, our dances. Everything we built is dead and taken over by the trans nightmare. I was there when we had it all. Don’t think I don’t have at least a modicum of hope that this madness will end. Because I do. But that’s not today.

Meanwhile at the Trans Starbucks, all the young butches who think they are men are serving up lattes and lemon loaf. And butches like me— we sit and drink that stuff in the bright sunshine.

*T – testosterone

Lesbians took front in London Pride 2018. This year the organisers say they are «working with their security partners to ensure that any unofficial group cannot get into the parade formation or line-up as was the case last year.» Unless you are a lesbian willing to have sex with males self-identifying as woman, (80-90% av them have their male genitalia) you are not welcome in the London Pride. The Pride-franchise is blatantly discriminating lesbians.

Read more about trans and discrimination, harassment and rape of homosexual women in The newly published research by Angela C. Wild.


Film: Fake accusations of antisemitism as political weapon documented.

A must-see documentary.

This is the film that Labour MP Chris Williamson was prevented from screening to MP’s in Houses of Parliament. The PM has criticised him, and he has since been suspended from the party for his comments defending the party from allegations of anti-semitism. The Israeli lobby and it’s supporters in the UK parliament have managed to remove a real socialist and supporter of Palestinian rights from Westminster

A documentary promoted by Jewish Voice for Labour exposes the campaign to discredit the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership as one based on disinformation, fake news and dirty tricks.

WitchHunt, by Edinburgh-based filmmaker Jon Pullman, combines extensive archive material with authoritative new interviews, featuring experts in media, Jewish, black and labour history, racism and the politics of the Middle East.

Pullman says: “I’ve set out to explore the connections between the attacks on Labour, the unfolding tragedy of Palestine and the wider struggle against race-based oppression.”

The film examines the use of antisemitism allegations to silence critics of Israel’s human rights violations, such as black Jewish activist Jackie Walker, a former vice-chair of Momentum. She continues to be publicly abused by anti-Corbyn Labour MPs, even in the run-up to her hearing before the National Constitutional Committee scheduled for March 26, 2019.

Why we all should get to vote in the USA

Guest contributor: George Ades

Why do I bother with who gets elected in US elections? Why do any of us who have no right to vote in that country bother?

That’s a question I’m frequently asked by some Americans who see my posts as «meddling» in their domestic affairs.

The answer is simple. Who you (Americans) vote for, affects me, it affects us, all of us irrespective of where we live. There may be little chance that you, as Americans, will have Bombs dropped on your heads from American planes, but that has been standard practice for the rest of us for at least the last 7 decades.

And its not just your planes, ships, tanks and missiles. It’s your sanctions and embargoes that can starve us to death or expose us to the appetites of your minions whom you shield against legal repercussions on an International level. Your representatives can and often make use of the political and economic powers that the overgrown child known as the USA affords them.

Why do you think US Embassies are the biggest in every country and built like fortresses? Even in countries where there’s no significant American ex-pat community. What do you imagine takes place in those fortresses. Why so much security surrounding your diplomatic missions? I can assure you, it is not because we «envy you your freedoms» and wish to harm you out of spite.

It pains me to see that so few Americans are actually aware of what their country does to the world. It’s frustrating to realise that those that have the power of life and death over us all, have the maturity and arrogance of spoilt 8 year-olds.

It’s disappointing to read from otherwise decent Americans that «we will win this time» and know that the «we» does not refer to «we the people» but to «our chosen team» . A team that will play its own game and, win or lose, neither the American public nor the world at large will benefit from the outcome; quite the opposite in fact. It’s disheartening to hear them echo what those in power drum into their heads through the carefully controlled mainstream media.

«Trump is a joke and an embarrassment.» I won’t argue with that but, what did «your side/team» offer the world as an alternative? Did you give yourselves and the rest of us a better choice? I can laugh with a joke, but nothing Hillary Clinton did would even bring a smile to my face; except maybe lose elections.

Those of us who don’t live in the US couldn’t care less whether you’re free to parade with plastic vaginas on your heads. You want to keep killing each other with guns that your Constitution permits you to possess? That’s OK by us too. We are more concerned about you killing us who have done nothing to you. Some of us live in countries the names of which the average undereducated American cannot pronounce properly and very few can even find on a map.

LEAVE US ALONE, and we will restrict our interest in your politics to that of idle curiosity. BUILD YOUR WALL and build it high, build it long. Not to keep us out, so much, as to keep your homicidal insanity in.

Until then, your politics is my politics, your chosen «leaders» are my tyrants and your vote is my vote, so I’ll try to influence you as much as I can.

George Ades has many interesting points of view on world politics and shares them daily on Facebook.
I had the pleasure of meeting George Ades and interview him in his hometown Nicosia, October 2018.